Discussion 5: Walking in Modern and Ancient Worlds

Photo: Tlingit Totem Pole and community house in Totem Bight State Park, Ketchikan, Alaska.

This week, we head to Southeast Alaska.

In “Tao of Raven,” Ernestine Hayes, the author of  Blonde Indian  and a professor at UAS and UAA, weaves the story of Raven stealing the light with her own memoirs. In the documentary “Walking Two Worlds” we follow two siblings as they trace the  affects  of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, known as ANCSA, on their communities and each other.

This week read and watch the following articles and then answer the question below:

*’Tao of Raven‘ by Ernestine Hayes in  Mud City Journal

*Walking in Two Worlds  movie directed by Bo Boudart (located in blackboard resource section)

*Glass artist Preston Singletary talks about his heritage and Tlingit Mythology. youtube.

Can native culture change? Walking in Two Worlds discusses the problems with turning tribes into corporations. Many, however, extol ANCSA  as the best Native Policy in the country. Where do you see the lines and clashes between  ancient and modern ways of seeing? What do you think  Walking in Two Worlds  was advocating for? What do you think Ernestine Hayes argues for? Do they come to any conclusions? Do they have to?

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