Calculating Your Grade

Your grade is based on the following assignments:

300 points – 10 Discussion Questions can be found on the “Discussion” page for your section in the menu above. Each one is worth 30 points and should be two paragraphs worth of content, responding intelligently to your fellow students and your instructor. Remember to proofread.

200 points – 10 Writing Assignments can be found under “Assignments” and occur over the course of the semester. They will be submitted via Blackboard.

300 points – 3 Short Papers are due over the semester, each one can be revised once for a higher grade.

200 points – 1 Research Paper with 2 early drafts and a final are due at the end of the semester. They will be submitted via Blackboard.

You can earn a possible 1000 points over the course of the semester.

This is a graded course using a +/- grading scale as follows:

  • A       93-100%
  • A-     90-92%
  • B+   87-89%
  • B       83-86%
  • B-     80-82%
  • C+   77-79%
  • C       73-76%
  • C-     70-72%
  • D+   67-69%
  • D       63-66%
  • D-     60-62%
  • F         0-59%

A note on plagiarism: Remember that all work for this class must be your own, original writing. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the entire course.

Please see the Calendar of Assignments to understand when these items are due.   For details on the specifics of an assignment, you should go to the weekly page that corresponds to the assignment.

To know what your grade is currently, you must log in to Blackboard and find your grade there.

with Megan Bush