Megan Bush Moody, Instructor for ENGL 111x

Hello, my name is Megan Moody and I am your instructor for WRTG 111. I  am a graduate of UAF’s MFA in Creative Writing program as of Spring 2015. I am a lifelong Southeast Alaskan, and live in the minuscule fishing village of Tenakee Springs, which boasts a hot springs bath, no cars (plenty of four-wheelers and skiffs),  and a whooping 60 full-time residents.  I live a few miles from town in an old homestead, with one husband and two huskies  (thats Solo trying to eat the Dungeness crab in the photo above). Sometimes I write articles about my life for the Alaska Dispatch News, such as this one.

I tend to have my hands in too  many baskets all at once. Right now I am finishing my first book, running  Tenakee’s Independent Learning Center (its kind of like community homeschool), and building this boat.

I am available Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm via email: I’d also love to video or gchat with you Monday through Weds 3pm-4pm (think of these as my office hours). Or we can set up another time that works for you. Just let me know.

Excited to meet all of you!


with Megan Bush