Lesson 14

The Goal:  

You should further revise your research paper. You may want to do additional research, especially if your instructor has suggested you do so.

What to Read:

  1. Wikipedia Is Good for You!?‘ by James P. Purdy in  Writing Spaces, Vol 1.
  2. Googlepedia: Turning Information Behaviors into Research Skills‘ by Randall McClure in  Writing Spaces, Vol 2.
  3. Individual Student Research

Writing Exercise:

Draft 2 (50 points)

  • 5-6 pages, 1 Works Cited page
  • minimum of 5 sources
  • grammar and punctuation must be improved
  • logically organized paragraphs with topic sentences
  • formatting should be nearly perfect


Submission Checklist:

  • Research Paper Draft #2 (50 points)
  • Research Paper Outline (See A Writer’s Reference C-1, pg 12-14): WA9 (20 points)


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